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1. Definitions and abbreviations

Affiliate: person who relays the advertising message of an advertiser

CPC: cost-per-click. Advertising model whereby advertising space is paid for based on the number of internet user's clicks on the advert.

CPA: cost-per-acquisition. The advertiser pays for performance, i.e. only when the internet user makes a purchase on the advertiser's website.

Distribution media: all tools and techniques that promote the visibility of a website, such as emails, web pages, blogs and social networks.

Opt-in: principle whereby an individual providing their personal information to a company also needs to give their consent to it being used in a specific context.

B.A.T: pass for press (the bon à tirer proof). Sending the affiliate's newsletter to the advertiser for validation prior to launching the email campaign.

Tracking system: computer system that tracks sales that can then be verified with the Affiliate Manager.

2. Sign-up conditions

  1. General rules

    1. Participation in the affiliate programme is based on trust. Solbia therefore reserves the right to refuse any application deemed contrary to its interests, indicating the reason for the refusal.

    2. Solbia undertakes to respond to applications to become an affiliate within 72 business hours.

    3. Solbia does not require sole use of its platform. The affiliate is free to sign up to other affiliate programmes.

    4. Signing up to the affiliate programme

      1. Any adult can sign up the affiliate programme.

      2. There is no charge for signing up to the affiliate programme.

      3. The applicant must have a website, blog, database or similar medium where Solbia's links or banners can be displayed.

      4. The applicant must own the intellectual property of their distribution platform.

      5. Distribution platforms should not include any content that breaches governing laws and regulations or third party rights, including any content of an illegal and/or pornographic nature, racist or defamatory comments, or comments that incite any form of discrimination or extremism.

      6. The distribution media shall be linked to Solbia's fields of activity: health, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, sports nutrition and fitness.

      7. All affiliate applications concerning content distribution media with no connection to Solbia's field will be rejected.

      8. The affiliate undertakes to provide accurate information and a valid email address. The data provided shall be kept strictly confidential and used only as part of the affiliate programme.

      9. An affiliate ID is assigned to the affiliate for the duration of their collaboration. This ID is unique, individual and confidential and remains the same across all distribution media used by the affiliate.

    5. After signing up, the affiliate may view their details, statistics and the banners provided by Solbia in their personal account.

  2. Recommendations

    1. Do not disclose your user name or password to a third party.

    2. If you lose your password, request a new one from Solbia.

    3. Signing up for multiple affiliate programmes may result in affiliate membership being refused.

3. Payment terms

  1. General rules

    1. Solbia pays commission for sales made on the site by internet users who have come directly from the affiliate's distribution platform.

    2. In the event that an internet user purchases a product that differs from the advertising banner or contextual link set up by the affiliate, the affiliate would nevertheless receive the agreed remuneration per acquisition (see Clause 3.1-5.2).

    3. Commission is calculated based on actual sales, i.e. submitted orders.

    4. If an order is cancelled, the commission received is cancelled and only the generated click-through is counted. The affiliate is entitled to request evidence thereof.

    5. Remuneration:

      1. CPC: 0,05 € per click

      2. CPA: 25% for each submitted sale.

      3. The two types of remuneration, CPC and CPA, are cumulative.

    6. Any remuneration for earnings generated is made based on a minimum billing amount of €100. Earnings can therefore accumulate over several months of activity.

    7. Solbia reserves the right to implement a payment plan, in consultation with the affiliate, for payment of accumulated and unbilled earnings exceeding 500 €. This rule applies only in the event of failure to invoice over several months of activity.

    8. Orders included when calculating commission are identified by your affiliate ID in the URL linking to Solbia shall in no circumstances be held liable in the event of any technical error when setting up the links on your site.

    9. In certain cases and after consultation between the Affiliate Manager and the affiliate, the payment rules (Clauses 3.1-5.1 and 3.1-5.2) could be negotiated.

    10. Invoicing

      1. Invoicing is on a monthly basis, provided the minimum billing amount is reached (see Clause 3.1-6).

      2. The invoice can be submitted in several ways:

        1. By email:

        2. By post:
          Solbia - Anature
          Av. Industrielle, 4-6
          1227 Carouge

        3. By fax: 00 41 227 477 999

      3. The invoice must contain the affiliate's contact details, affiliate ID and the total amount invoiced.

    11. Earnings obtained are expressed as gross amounts. The VAT rate applied depends on the billing country.

    12. The affiliate shall send the invoice from 15th day of the following month.

    13. Solbia undertakes to pay the invoice within 60 days of receipt.

    14. Solbia shall pay the invoice via bank transfer only.

4. Distribution conditions

  1. General rules

    1. Banner ads and contextual links

      1. Solbia sets up banner ads, available on the affiliate's personal account. A rigorous check will be carried out to ensure that the content has been provided by the Affiliates Department.

      2. Banners created by the affiliate shall be validated by the Affiliates Department before they are placed online.

      3. Before newsletters provided by Solbia can be sent out to the email distribution list, the affiliate must send a 'B.A.T' to the Affiliates Department.

      4. Links and banner ads shall neither contain multiple automatic redirects to Solbia's website (i.e. Java Script or URL redirection sites) nor include unwanted tags such as rel="nofollow" in HTML links. All ads and all links must be forwarded direct to the site. In case of non-respect of this rule, the CPC will be reduced to 0,01€.

      5. Ads provided by Solbia are not reserved for exclusive use by a single affiliate.

      6. Solbia shall in no event disclose the ads created by the affiliate, who retains intellectual property for such ads, to other affiliates.

    2. Tracking

      1. Instead of using cookies, Solbia's platform uses a 'user session' integrated parameter.

    3. Click-through eligibility

      1. Solbia shall verify the eligibility of click-throughs.

      2. Any use of robots or artificial traffic generation will be penalised by cancelling the hits generated.

    4. Invalid ads

      1. All false advertising is prohibited. In the event of failure to comply with this rule, the affiliate will receive three warnings. The affiliate will have 48 hours from the date each warning was sent to change the content of the ad concerned. If any additional warnings are required, membership of the affiliate programme will be terminated.

      2. Databases used for email distribution must be Opt-in. If this is not the case, Solbia shall immediately remove the affiliate's account.

  2. Recommendations

    1. Use standard ad banner formats for the best portability (120x600, 250x250, 336x280, 468x60, 200x200, 125x240, 160x600 px).

    2. Ask Solbia to provide ads tailored to the style sheet and content of the affiliate's distribution medium.

    3. Supply your own ad, provided it meets the condition stipulated in Clause 4.1-1.2.

    4. Promote Solbia through emails, blogs and social networks, among other tools.

    5. Ask Solbia to send you newsletters to distribute via email, provided it meets the condition stipulated in Clause 4.1-1.3.

5. Cancellation conditions

  1. General rules

    1. There is no charge for an affiliate cancelling their membership of the affiliates programme at any time. The affiliate can cancel their membership from their personal account or by sending an email to:

    2. In the event of cancellation, Solbia shall pay all outstanding balances on receipt of the invoice. If this amount does not exceed the minimum required, Solbia reserves the right not to pay the invoice.

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